Is Your Periodontal Health Keeping You From Your Best Smile?

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Periodontal Conditions That Affect Oral Health

Gum disease, bone loss and gum recession are all common periodontal issues that affect the smile. Though each may occur independently, gum disease is a primary cause of both bone loss and gum recession, in many cases. Other periodontal concerns that may impact you or a family member include overgrown gums, a “gummy smile,” or a lip- or tongue-tie. At Comfort Dental, our caring team understands your periodontal needs. We offer a number of highly effective treatments designed to help you enjoy better oral health and a lasting, beautiful smile!


“Because periodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss and we now know that there’s a direct correlation between oral health and systemic disease, it is important that we treat this condition effectively to avoid more invasive types of therapy.”
Kerry Romig, R.D.H.

Gentle Periodontal Procedures Breathe Life Back Into Your Smile

Our gentle, advanced periodontal procedures rejuvenate and restore your oral health and smile. We offer surgical and non-surgical state-of-the-art treatments right from our comfortable, modern office. Our collection of services treats anything from minor to major periodontal needs.

Our periodontal procedures include:

  • Scaling and root planing therapy
  • Laser gum therapy
  • Osseous surgery
  • Gingivectomy
  • Periodontal maintenance
  • Soft tissue recontouring
  • Laser frenectomy
  • Gum grafting
  • Bone grafting
  • Sinus lift
  • Ridge augmentation

Trust Your Smile to a Highly Trained Periodontal Specialist

Periodontal Disease Explained

We believe in providing the best possible care for your smile. Our highly trained, experienced in-house periodontist specializes in treating gum and bone issues. Comfort Dental offers the latest technologies that are proven to deliver the results you want and need for your smile, whenever the need arises!

The best way to ensure lasting periodontal health is to:

  • Keep up with regular, routine dental care
  • Maintain daily thorough brushing and flossing at home
  • Contact us right away to address any periodontal concerns

A periodontal screening can determine if you have gum disease or other concerns.

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