Bone Grafting

Build Better Support for Your Smile With Bone Grafting Services

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What Causes Bone Loss in the Jaw?

Your jawbone is very important to your dental health and smile. You need a sufficient amount of bone to support your teeth and shape of your face. When bone is lost, due to gum disease, tooth loss, injury or ill-fitting dentures, a cascade of problems begins that changes your oral function and appearance. Teeth become loose, eating becomes more difficult and your facial features begin to sink. Bone tissue will not grow back on its own, but bone grafting procedures can rebuild your jaw to restore a healthy foundation for your smile.

Bone Grafting Saves Your Oral Health and Smile

Gum disease is a common cause of bone loss, and ultimately tooth loss. When teeth go missing, the underlying bone no longer has the pressure and daily stimulation it needs to remain healthy and sufficient. Bone loss degrades the natural contours of your jaw and chin, diminishing facial fullness and changing your appearance. Our experienced doctors at Comfort Dental use bone tissue samples to replenish lost bone and perform bone grafting procedures. We also incorporate calming sedation dentistry [link to sedation page] options to vanquish fear or anxiety for total comfort.

Bone grafting is used to rebuild your jawbone for reasons like:

  • Save periodontally involved teeth
  • Enable implant placement
  • Preserve recent extraction site
  • Restore appearance of arch

Prepare Your Jaw for Dental Implants

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting allows for implant placement in a number of cases. Just like natural teeth, implants need a sufficient amount of bone to be successful and perform their job. Bone grafting gives you more options for tooth replacement with dental implants and a more permanent solution for your smile. With bone grafting, you can enjoy better oral function and greater confidence in your appearance!

Keep bone loss from causing unwanted changes to your oral health and smile!

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