iTero 3-D Digital Oral Scanner

No goop-filled putty Dental Impressions!

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The benefits of the iTero 3-D Digital Oral Scanner are many

1. Easy, painless, comfortable dental impressions without the gooey mess!

– no gooey mess associated with impression materials
– no gagging
– no unpleasant taste
– shorter appointment than impressions
– results in faster delivery times of your Invisalign treatment plan and aligners
– comfortable

2. The iTero scan produces a more accurate impression with more detail.

– more accurate than impressions
– produces better fitting aligners
– eliminates the need to retake impressions multiple times
– results in better treatment outcome

3. The iTero scan is safe.

– does not expose you to radiation
– uses a laser to generate the images

Scanning a Full Mouth Digital Record with iTero 3-D Oral Scanner

iTero 3-D Digital Oral Scanner

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