Fast, Affordable, Great Results with Fastbraces® Technology!

Fastbraces® PLUS Promotion Includes:

  • Fastbraces® Technology
  • Comphrensive Exam & X-rays
  • Free Check-up Appointments
  • Free Clear Retainer
  • Free Take-Home Whitening Kit
  • Free Post Treatment Smile Assessment & Limited Cosmetic Re-shaping of Teeth

Payments Starting As Low As $167 Per Month
Promotion Expires: December  31, 2018

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Correct Smile Imperfections With Short-Term Orthodontic Treatment

Are you or a family member missing out on your dream smile? Do you have minor or even major cosmetic imperfections you would love to erase? Would you prefer a fast track to a brilliant smile? The Fastbraces® orthodontic solution may be just the treatment for you. Fastbraces® is an expedited treatment option we offer in our office, that can deliver results in three to twelve months.

A Lot Can Happen in 120 Days...

Am I a Candidate for Fastbraces®?

Fastbraces® is ideal for children, teens and adults with problems like:

How Does the Fastbraces® Process Work?

Fastbraces® delivers the benefits of advanced orthodontic technology. Through patented triangular brackets, the roots of your teeth are gently moved to their ideal position. Moving the roots right from the start of treatment reduces the chance of root resorption typical of traditional braces. It also minimizes discomfort during your treatment. On average, most patients wear Fastbraces® anywhere from few months to a year.. Traditional orthodontics often take up to two years. Imagine achieving your perfect smile in less than a year!


“Fastbraces® moves the crown and the root of the tooth but at the same time allows for the movement to happen in half the time.”
Shahram Moghaddam, D.M.D.

A Straight, Gorgeous Smile Is Closer Than You Think!

Get a perfect smile at any age! Fastbraces® offers you and your loved ones a comfortable and affordable way to straighten your teeth in a fraction of the time. Whether your smile imperfections are minor or more severe, you can experience the lasting benefits of advanced orthodontic care from the orthodontic professionals at Comfort Dental.

Choosing the Fastbraces® solution gives you the chance to enjoy exceptional cosmetic and life-changing benefits like:

  • Straight, perfectly aligned teeth
  • Gorgeous, confident smile
  • Reduced chance of tooth decay
  • Reduced chance of gum disease
  • Enhanced brushing and flossing capabilities
  • Preservation of natural bite
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Give your smile the advantages only Fastbraces® can offer!

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