Intro to Orthodontics

Easy, Effective Orthodontic Solutions, No Matter Your Age

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Convenient Orthodontic Care From Your Family Dental Office

We know that your time is valuable. Comfort Dental wants to make getting the comprehensive, multi-specialty care your family needs easy and convenient. As our patients, you and your loved ones have access to the advanced orthodontic treatment you want for lasting, healthy smiles. Straighten your teeth and say goodbye to smile imperfections, without the hassle of visiting multiple offices!

The Treatment You Need for a Smile You Will Love

Modern braces solutions have changed the orthodontic experience for many patients. People of all ages benefit from the cosmetic and functional results advanced orthodontic systems provide. We have a solution to meet just about every need. From clear braces to fast, short-term options, your dream smile is closer than you think!

At Comfort Dental, our options for modern braces include:

Why Choose Modern Braces Over Traditional Orthodontics?

Intro to Orthodontics

Are you or a family member interested in braces, but wish to avoid going the traditional route? Today’s advanced orthodontic solutions offer exciting alternatives to traditional braces. Traditional orthodontic treatment plans keep patients in braces for an average of two years. This is often inconvenient, for adults especially.

Many patients are choosing modern solutions over traditional orthodontics for a number of reasons:

  • Faster treatment times
  • Improved comfort
  • Greater discretion
  • Less invasive
  • More effective homecare
  • Reduced root resorption (Fastbraces®)
  • No dietary restrictions (Invisalign®)

Braces not only correct your smile, they also improve your confidence and change your entire life!

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